A Portable Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter System Designed For Pond Closure

  • Portable Belt Filter OnsiteLow Cost Horizontal Belt Filter

  • Portable Dewatering Option

  • Quick Set-up (Within Days)

About the Filter

The system can be delivered onsite and put into operation in less than 48 hours from arrival. With capacities of up to 32 tons per hour, the SBF Portable Belt Filter can provide dewatering of a slip stream from the absorber or alternatively used for pond closure operations or back up dewatering for a full scale system.


  • Similar performance to full size belt filter system
  • Self-contained, fully automated vacuum belt filter system
  • Technical expertise and field operators provided
  • No long-term commitment nor capital expenditure

What Do Our Clients Say?

The vacuum belt system they provided us helped us to continue our scrubber start-up schedule and no other system to our knowledge could have done that. Superior Belt Filter will always be seen as a partner in our business.

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See the Portable Belt Filter In Action

Download our free case study to see how a Superior Belt Filter client used our innovative Portable Belt Filter system.