Superior Belt Filter, LLC (SBF) was formed in 2008 to develop a new horizontal vacuum belt filter specifically designed for FGD gypsum slurries.

SBF brought together the operational experience of Synthetic Materials, LLC and the engineering experience of Lam Thai, P.E.  Using 3D modeling software, SBF is able to customize a filter for the customers specific needs regarding production, product quality and availability.

By maximizing the production of the horizontal vacuum belt filter system and using our proven vendor relationships, SBF delivers the highest quality filter system that is built to last in the most severe environment.

Our systems range from portable, on demand filtration to the largest horizontal vacuum belt filter in North America.

Contact us to see how we can help exceed your filtration requirements, whether service and support to and existing system or the design and installation of a new system.


Superior Belt Filter Horizontal Filter
Superior Belt Filter Portable
Superior Belt Filter Portable