Portable Frac Dewatering

Superior Belt Filter, LLC (SBF) has a fleet of portable horizontal vacuum belt filter systems specifically designed for dewatering frac sand.

Superior Belt Filter’s (SBF) portable horizontal vacuum belt filter systems are easily transportable and can be run within 72 hours of delivery to a site. The portable systems are sized to produce more than 150 tons per hour of sand at below 7% moisture and are suitable for operation in existing operations or new proximity mine sites.

SBF has designed a portable system that is capable of 200 tph of damp sand production.

SBF also has designed fixed horizontal vacuum belt filter systems capable of between 300 – 900 (or higher) tons per hour of damp sand product for operations where a higher capacity system is required.

These systems can be incorporated into any new or existing frac sand operations.

Portable Frac Sand Dewatering

Benefits of SBF Horizontal Vacuum Belt System

  • Reduced footprint compared to an underdrain system
  • Immediate production of under 7% moisture-damp sand
  • Reduced mobile loading equipment requirements
  • Direct loading of trucks / bins possible
  • Consistent moisture and production rate
  • Reduced opportunities for contamination
  • 99% uptime
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Process water reclaimed immediately and overall water requirements of sand plant reduced
  • PLC incorporated for autonomous operation